Plot the course

When you are planning a journey trough wild lands or routes, answer this questions, use them to narrate the fiction, and sum up your travel modifier.

Choose a destination, or a general direction. The Judge will offer you 1-3 possible ways to reach your destination, what are the advantages or drawbacks of each, and how many days, and/or nights, at the chosen pace will take you to get there. Now it's Venture Time!

Venture Time

When you finally set out to the unknown following your plan the leader rolls+travel every time you leave camp. If there's no leader, the Judge chooses who rolls.

On a 10+ nothing bad happens on the way, you reach your next resting point in good shape and you gaze 1 or 2 interesting locations which you can add to the map later or explore now, you choose.

On a 7-9 Something Happens! Resolve that situation before continuing your journey.

On a 6- Something Happens, and you are seriously hampered by the event. You must continue your travel unprepared.

Something happens

When you are traveling amidst the wilds and something seems to go wrong, the person chosen by the judge rolls+WIS. On a 10+, choose one of the options below. On a 7-9, choose one, but the judges does as well. On a 6- the judge chooses two.